About Sleepy Bubba


Leann Low

Certified Baby Sleep Consultant

Hi, I am Leann Low, a certified sleep consultant and a young mother to two healthy and energetic boys, also the greatest loves of my life (Sorry, husband dear).


In 2017, I had my firstborn, and my husband and I were what you would call typical new parents: excited yet apprehensive about the parenting journey. We armed ourselves with plenty of information and often sought help through the experiences of friends and family.


Just as how sleep is important for recovery and growth for adults, there was no doubt in our minds that sleep would be important for the baby, for health and for brain development. Sleep training was our top priority.


Though we started out determined, we soon fell into the trap of forming habits around what was convenient for our lifestyle and the fear of making decisions that would cause the baby discomfort. This culminated into poor sleep habits for our baby and ourselves.

This might be a familiar scene to many of you. A 2-week long sleepless marathon of hourly wakes where you are stuck in the nursery, carrying and rocking your baby throughout the night. That was us as parents. We weren't just miserable, we were close to losing our minds.

We tried everything. We read books, searched for information on the internet, but nothing seemed to fit perfectly. That was when we chanced upon the existence of sleep consultants.

Deciding to hire a sleep consultant was a no-brainer. We knew that it would be unfair for our baby if we tried to sleep train him without knowledge and a proper plan. The result? Our firstborn fell asleep on his own within 3 minutes on the 3rd night. He was sleeping a solid 14 hours a day and he became a much happier baby. We soon regained our sanity and never looked back since.


I saw many parents struggle with the same issues as we did and I found that the tips and tricks that I had learned were beneficial to them too. Eventually, when we had our second-born, we quickly sleep trained him when he turned 4 months, and never had to experience those sleepless nights again.


Understanding how sleep can affect the quality of life of the parent and child, and how we actually have greater control over this than we think is extremely empowering. Through Sleepy Bubba and my experiences, I want to enable other parents to achieve what we have achieved.

My Philosophy

I am a Baby Sleep Consultant based in Singapore, certified by the Sleep Sense™ Program created by Dana Obleman. The Sleep Sense™ method was created out of the belief that healthy sleep habits make for healthy children. A well-rested child is curious, energetic, happy, playful, and eager to learn.

This method places emphasis on accommodating different parenting styles and lifestyles, ensuring that you, as a parent, are comfortable with the new sleep plan in order for it to work for your child.

The Sleep Sense method to improve your baby’s sleep is split into 4 simple stages:

1.  Educate

We can all agree on the benefits of good sleep. Parents may even talk (brag) about how good sleep has benefitted their children (and themselves of course). BUT what exactly is good sleep? What do good sleeping habits mean in little children? Backed by research and proven results, I will share what good sleep is for your child and how it should be. 

2.  Diagnose

No two families are identical. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to establish the context and environment in which your family is raising your child, right down to an everyday routine. In this program, there will be a standard sleep questionnaire to understand the basics, but you can be sure that there will be more questions asked throughout this process, some of them may be sensitive, to establish details and address any immediate concerns. This is the point where we also clarify expectations about the program.

3. Design

Once the necessary bases are covered, we can get to work to design a step-by-step plan that is customised to your needs. And that’s what parents need, an easy-to-follow guide on how to handle their unique baby’s sleep. While theory and principles are important, they don’t actually show you what to do. From the how’s and when’s to the do’s and don’ts, a customized Sleep Sense plan covers it all.

4. Execute

Here’s the tough part. A perfect plan means nothing unless it is well-executed and adapted to changing situations. At this point, knowing what to expect as you progress in the plan is incredibly important. It ensures that you know if the plan is working and helps you maintain patience and focus even when things might take some time to get straightened out. Of course, sometimes a baby’s sleeping habits transform overnight, but it’s important to stay grounded in realistic expectations for what is most likely to happen and when. I will be supporting you and guiding you at every step of the way, making sure that you continue to trust the process. 


Straight talk about crying

Many parents put off sleep training, or don't ever do it, because they cannot take the crying which often comes with it.

Let's face it. In our parenthood journey, we will often face protests (crying) when we try to impose good habits, e.g., brushing teeth, washing hands before a meal (sometimes even going to school is met with some protest). Often, our little ones cry or complain at things that are good for them. That doesn't mean that we let them go to bed with unbrushed teeth, eat with dirty hands, or stay home from school without a valid reason. Instead, put our foot down, and instill those good habits anyway. Because we're parents and we have to do what's best for our kids.

Instilling good sleep habits is no different. I cannot promise you that your child will be compliant during the sleep training process, but I can promise you that we will never ask you to leave your child alone to fuss on his or her own.


I will guide you along the way as we curate a plan that you and your family are completely comfortable with.