Get the good night
sleep you both need

We all know how important sleep is. 

Your baby needs it and so do you.

With a customised baby sleep training plan, sleep can and will be a luxury that you can actually afford.

Sleep Training With Sleepy Bubba

Every child is unique and different. Every family is too. Books and Google will never be able to cater to every child or every family's specific needs. This is why all our baby sleep consultations will include these services.

Baby mobile

Sleep Patterns


Baby monitor

Follow-up Online Support

Baby blocks

Custom Sleep

Plan & Schedule


Home Visits & Night Support

Sleeping Baby



Sleep training for your child is one of the most vital and empowering skill sets every parent should have. It has benefitted my family tremendously. As a

sleep-deprived parent turned sleep consultant, I am certain that I can help you achieve the good sleep that you and your little one sorely need.

Hi, I am Leann, a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant, and a proud mum to 2 lovely boys.